Projects and Publications


‘Dzvin readers’

These Ukrainian-language picture books were published by Dzvin Publishers in the 80’s and were written specifically to fit with social studies topics in elementary bilingual classes. Still a staple in classrooms, they are also very popular as early readers for North American children who already speak Ukrainian.

Futbolni Detektyvy

A Ukrainian-language young adult novel specifically written for North American readers, Futbolni Detektyvy is about a group of young soccer players who solve a museum heist. Short chapters and lots of humour make this a fun read. Includes an extensive glossary.



Millenium Builders Series

These short English-language storybooks are written at an upper elementary level and present stories about Ukrainian saints (Volodymyr, Olha, Cyril & Methodius, Anthony and Andrij) as, seen through the eyes of children living at the time.