California 2017 Post #5 – Even More Pictures

We took a lot of pictures. I mean we took a LOT of pictures. No, you don’t understand, WE TOOK A LOT OF PICTURES.  It took me a long time to sort through them all and choose some for these blog entries. Along the way, this virgin blogger learned the following:

  1. Yes, Virginia, pre-sorting into categories/venues visited is a good idea. I decided at the start of writing the blog that it would be quicker to just choose some and not be anal about it. WRONG. Anal is good and saves time.
  2. Batch re-sizing is a godsend! I only discovered it after four out of five posts were finished. Explanation: the photos that came out of the camera and my IPhone are LARGE – and take a very long time to upload to the blog. They need to be re-sized – and doing this individually in Paint takes a LONG TIME. I discovered, which made it a snap. Live and learn.
  3. Take fewer photos! Digital allows for shutter-snap-addiction and the results are truly overwhelming and sorting through them gobbles up gobs of time.
  4. Have I said ‘take fewer photos’ already? No? Well, take fewer photos!

Here are some additional photos that I wanted to share:

At Stanford University On our drive down the coastWaiting for Jurko at the Botanical Garden . . . and waiting . . . and waiting . . .I managed to catch a natural pose at Berkeley’s Rose Garden.I was usually the photographer, that’s why there aren’t a lot of pictures of me,. . . but here’s one.House for sale on Upper Lake’s Historic Main Street – all three of us decided we’re buying! These grapevines have been pruned – no scraggy little branches sticking up from them. We learned that grapevines need to be pruned back so much that they must struggle to survive. This means the vine is only able to produce small grapes, which have more concentrated juice in them – much more desirable for wine-making.Some of the pictures from Redwoods State Park came out blurry, but I thought I’d include them here because they show how giant the trees were. Devastation from Valley Fire near Cobb.Driving through lovely mountains to pick up Dartsia. A grove of walnut trees – red walnut grafted onto French walnut bases. Pear treesGoing over the Golden Gate Bridge (which is actually a red-looking colour called International Orange.

Going over the less famous Bay Bridge, which is a more normal – and neutral – colour.Golden Gate Park – Windmill and Tulip Garden Golden Gate Park: – Japanese Gardenlong the highways and byways of California Yes, that pine cone really is that big . . . Jurko’s most important find of the trip, but there was no room in the suitcases to take it home.  View of Lakeport and Clear LakeAn attempt at an artistic photo at a winery.Never could figure out whether what these strange things were. . .Berkeley home of Darlin’ Donia and her Handsome HubbieNo caption neededNot uncommon in Berkeley store windows.

           Along Lakeshore Rd in Nice Fabulous Flora Allsorts  Sunset over Clear LakeGood night!


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