California 2017 Post #4 – Berkeley, Sausalito, San Fran

March 18: We toured UC Berkeley, where Le Nouveau Son spends many hours each day ingesting and radiating knowledge. Although there were lots of interesting buildings, the highlights for me were a spreading tree which created a leafy canopy (doesn’t translate in the picture, I’m afraid) and the individual reading lamps in the library (photos are verboten inside;
I stood at the doorway to take my pix).



UC Berkeley Campanile, which we had seen from across the Bay.









View of the Bay from upper Berkeley (oh yes, you can see us as well).

We toured the hills of upper Berkeley (by car, of course) and ended at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, which provided Jurko with LOTS of opportunities for shutter-clicking. He was in Horticultural Heaven . . . I’m only including my own fave here – some cacti from the greenhouse. I’m afraid that he will have to do his own blog to share his pictures – and his rapture! (I rested in the cactus garden while he and Dartsia clicked their shutters for an extra hour or so . . .)



March 19: All four of us were in San Francisco, looking in vain for a place where we could park the car and grab some lunch in the Marina district. Although we got some nice pix,
we couldn’t nab that elusive parking spot, so we decided to drive over the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito and have lunch there.

Although the skies were gray, the Bridge was impressive, the restaurant was warm,
despite being open to the air (lots of big heaters), lunch was yummy (Jurko just loved his shrimps and mussels below) and the experience great all around.

March 20: Before leaving for home, we also spent the night at the Westin St. Francis in San Fran (booked on AirMiles . . . otherwise we couldn’t have afforded it). It was nice but we were glad we hadn’t paid actual money for it, since it wasn’t THAT ritzy. We also visited Golden Gate Park: Japanese Garden, Tulip Garden & Windmills. But it was grey and rainy and we were feeling out-touristed, so this is it for a description of our trip. (I was going to subject you to descriptions of wonky bathrooms and pictures of endless rows of grapevines, but you’ve been spared).

It was a great trip all around! California was beautiful in so many different ways and it was good to visit with the chilluns a bit. Now that we know that the Darlin’ Donia and her Handsome Hubbie will be in La Gaie Californee for another four years at least, we plan to foist ourselves on them a few more time – and see more of the Lovely Land which they are temporarily calling Home.

And now back to the grind . . . .


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