It’s Babka Time!

I am the first to admit that I am not a Suzie Homemaker (and especially not a Dynka-Hospodynka!). My cooking attempts flop with heart-sinking regularity and the prospect of entertaining a crowd strikes cold waves into my heart. Give me a pen or a computer any time over a wooden spoon!. But once a year, I … Continue reading It’s Babka Time!


California 2017 Post #4 – Berkeley, Sausalito, San Fran

March 18: We toured UC Berkeley, where Le Nouveau Son spends many hours each day ingesting and radiating knowledge. Although there were lots of interesting buildings, the highlights for me were a spreading tree which created a leafy canopy (doesn't translate in the picture, I'm afraid) and the individual reading lamps in the library (photos are … Continue reading California 2017 Post #4 – Berkeley, Sausalito, San Fran