This year I promise to . . .

I didn’t post this on New Year’s Day, when I wrote it, so it’s not an official New Year’s blog post.

But I’m posting it now – on my birthday, the beginning of a New Year of Life for Me, so I am officially calling it a New Year’s blog post.

And when it comes to resolutions, January 19th is probably a better time to start thinking of PPP (Personal Planning Priorities), since it’s after the Sviata rush, after the visit of the Darling Dontsia and her Handsome Hubbie, after the rush of panicked work that gets done in the days after they leave (since nothing gets done when they are here. . . ).

Maybe for the future, I will resolve to make resolutions each year at the start of My New Year, rather than The Generic New Year.  More personal. More practical. (More procrastinatory . . . ).

So here’s the post:

Jan 1 2017

Took a shower and got dressed as soon as I got out of bed. Check. Made sure to wear something other than black. Check. Cleaned up my plate after breakfast. Sorta – I put it in the sink. Didn’t sit down to work at the Mona Lisa jigsaw puzzle first thing in the morning.  Well . . .  no one is perfect . . .

It is the New Year. It is in fact the First Day Of The New Year – the day of resolutions, of new beginnings; the day that we promise ourselves that we will exercise daily, lose weight, find balance in our lives. The fresh coverlet of snow outside my window invites me to ardently (over)wax prosaic and make fresh tracks into good habits and fulfilled dreams. . . .

And so I find that every action on this morning weighs heavily with its promise of future habit, future perfection.  Did I make my bed? Did I clean the counter after making breakfast? If I sit down to commune with Mona before making the mushroom sauce for Sviat Vechir, does that make me a bad person? So much pressure . . .

Let’s maintain some sense of reason here and keep it brief and do-able.  This is what I will do every day this year.  Well, maybe five days a week . . .

  • Find a healthier alternative to those damn Cranberry Oatmeal Crunch Peak Freans low-calorie cookies every time I want a snack. In other words: Eat more vegetables.
  • Stand up straight! Sit up straight! Do my core exercises!
  • Stop putting double spaces and multiple dots after sentences . . .
  • Write something. Anything.

There! Manageable, I think!

My mother said that if you complete something on New Year’s Day, you will be completing projects all year long.  I have completed this first diary/blog entry, and so according to The Wise Folk Wisdom, this year I will: publish the book that I started writing 17 years ago, sew up a bevy of refashioned dresses, take those damn editing courses, and finally weed and organize all that crap in my basement.

Hmm. I also completed the Mona Lisa puzzle (did some before making the sauce; completed it well after a productive half-day . . .). So does that add to the potency of my project-finishing power or just mean that I will complete very many jigsaw puzzles this year?

Hmm . . .

(That sentence really needs three dots, wouldn’t you agree?). (-:

Happy New Year, Me!


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